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Highly workable coiled tubing hanger systems, with greater reliability and efficiency than any other on the market..

RH Series Coiled Tubing Hangers


The "RH" series was designed to be a highly workable coiled tubing hanger with greater reliability and more efficiency than other coiled tubing hanger systems.  

The "RH" hanger system provides the coiled tubing installer easy access to the slips and pack-off assembly, through the use of a snubbing window (available from Wellhead Control Products, Inc.) attached to the BOP stack. This design provides customers the most reliable and efficient way to set or retrieve the slips and pack-off assembly.

 Wellhead Control Products, Inc. wrap around segmented slips are designed for maximum hanging capacity with minimal tubing deflection. This field proven design is tested and has been certified for hanging capacity exceeding the maximum tensile strength of today's high quality tubing.

 The "RH" pack-off assembly is a preinstalled lock pin activated primary seal. Wellhead Control Products, Inc. has developed a unique design incorporating two hardened steel tubing guide plates above and below the sealing element virtually eliminating wear to assure pack-off reliability time after time.

RH-1 Coiled Tubing Hanger

RH - 1

Low-pressure threaded applications

Designed for low pressure wells up to 2000 psi working pressure.  This threaded body hanger is available for any size coiled tubing and a range of side outlets, 

RH-2 Coiled Tubing Hanger

RH - 2

High-pressure threaded applications

A 5000 psi working pressure threaded coiled tubing hanger . Available in all tubing sizes and threaded connections.  A box / pin profile is standard and a variety of side outlets are available.  

RH-3 Coiled Tubing Hanger

RH - 3

Flanged connections

A flanged coieled tubing hanger system.  Available in all flange sizes and working pressures.  Coiled tubing sizes from 3/4" to 3-1/2".  Can be configured with threaded and/or flanged side outlets.  A top flanged is fitted to receive an optional wireline entry sub that also acts as a secondary seal for the tubing.

RH-4 Coiled Tubing Hanger

RH - 4

Muli-string installations

The RH-4 is our flanged multi string hanger system.  Dual, triple, and Quadrupal hang-offs are possible by using API segmented flanges.

Surface Equipment

Access Windows, Alignment, and Hydraullic Disconnect Spools

Access Window

Hydraulically Operated w/ Any Size Opening or Connection 

The access window provides pressure control for live well operations while allowing quick access to the coil string for slip or downhole tool installations.

Alignment Spool

Simplify Rig-up

The alignment spool lets the operator rotate the top connection to any angle for quick alignment with the coiled tubing injector.  This simplifies the rig up operation saving time and money. The spool is available in nearly any flange size combination and pressure rating.

Hydraulic Disconnect Spool

Fastest Rig-up Possible

This is the fastest rig-up connection available. Similar to the Alignment Spool with respect to being infinitely adjustable to any angle, but with the added benefit of being hydraulically engaged and disconnected.

Downhole Tools 

Coiled tubing connectors, check valves, and wash nozzles.

Sur-grip Connector

OD Coil Tubing Connector

The WCP sure grip is an OD slip type tubing connector.  It is available in any size tubing and can adapt over to nearly any threaded connection.

Pump Out Plug

Tubing Seal for Live Well Installation

A coiled tubing pump out plug is used to seal the end of the coiled tubing during installations into a live well.  After hang off the aluminum plug is ejected from the coil opening the tubing.

Expendable Wash Tool

Single Trip Cleaning and Production

The expendable washtool allows the operator to clean the well and bring it into production in a single trip.  This multi-function tool combines a one-way check valve with a jet nozzle.  The entire valve cartridge can be ejected from the body by means of .

Capillary Equipment 

Capillary tubing hangers, units, injector heads, and reels.

Capillary Tubing Hangers

Threaded, Flanged, and multi-string

Single and dual barrier hangers with pressure ratings to 20K. Available in any threaded or flanged connection.

Capillary Injector Heads

1/8" thru 5/8" tubing

10,000 lb pull, automatic brakes, timing gears and hydraulically operated tension and traction systems.

Capillary Units

Truck, Skid, and Trailer Mounted

Custom fabricated units from skid mounted to trucks with encolsed control cabins and crane.  Give us  

Intervention Y-spools

Simultanious capillary and coil operations

The "Y" spool provides a method to deploy/suspend capillary tubing and an avenue to run a work string or wireline simultaneously without retracting the capillary tube.